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ReWall can also be constructed into a structural insulated panel (SIP).

SIPs are high performance building panels used in floors, walls, and roofs for residential and light commercial buildings. The basic design concept for a SIP is elegant in its simplicity, and offers several advantages for constructing walls and roofs. Bonding the foam core to the stiff outer skins creates a web-and-flange structural strength (along the same principal as an I-beam) across the length and breadth of the panel. With the capacity to handle axial, bending, racking, and shear loads, properly designed and assembled SIPs not only replace conventional framing, but will withstand high wind, and seismic forces.

Insulation capacity is another advantage of SIPs. There is general agreement that SIPs provide better overall air tightness and practical thermal performance than conventionally framed walls. Panel systems offer a dense, uniform and continuous air barrier with few thermal bridges, and no opportunity for internal convection.

Standard ReWall SIPs are 4 wide and 4 to 12 high, made in standard thicknesses of 4½" to 6½". The foam core is typically held back from the edge to allow the panel to accept 2x4 top and bottom plates. Thicknesses of up to twelve inches are available for roof panels where greater R-value is needed. The core material of thicker panels usually corresponds to standard lumber dimensions, so that board stock may be used for splines and plates. ReWall SIPs are made with polystyrene or polyurethane foam core.

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